What's with the crab in the logo?

Growing up in Virginia, seafood, especially the Chesapeake Bay blue crab, was a part of life. The blue crab represents the Good Stuff – family, friends, fun and all of the other rewards of hard work this life has to offer.   But, as with picking crabs, the Good Stuff comes after some work.  As our beautiful daughter coined it while enjoying a mess of steamed crabs and Old Bay seasoning covering both hands, “To get the good stuff, sometimes you’ve gotta get a little dirty”.  What a great way to sum it up!  So, we created the Good Stuff Unlimited as a brand that symbolizes the limitless number of passions we all pursue that require a little extra effort and can get messy.  For you, maybe that’s deep sea fishing, a successful quail hunting trip, cooking a meal for a small army, completing a big DIY project, or sweating through a tough workout.  What’s your Good Stuff?

Dave, The Good Stuff Unlimited